Adidas Running Shoes For Men White
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Adidas Running Shoes For Men White

Adidas Running Shoes For Men  White
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Adidas Running Shoes For Men White
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Warranty Details
This is a genuine product of adidas India Marketing Private Ltd. The product comes with a standard brand warranty of 90 days.

Covered in Warranty

  • Manufacturing defects & exchange available within 90 days of purchase, provided the product is not inappropriately used as determined by the Brand.

Not Covered in Warranty

Size Chart
UK/IndiaLength (in cm)Brand SizeEuroUS

Not sure about your shoe size? Follow these simple steps to figure it out:
1. Place your foot on a blank sheet of paper
2. Make one marking at your longest toe and one marking at the backside of your heel
3. Measure (in centimetres) the length of your foot between these two markings
4. Compare the value to our measurement chart to know your shoe size

  • Wear & tear or avail replacement for � laces, insoles, buttons, emblems, drawstrings, or other decorative parts or pieces

Please mention size in the massage box

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