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Chain Set Gold Plated Rough Tough Style

Chain Set Gold Plated Rough Tough Style
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Chain Set Gold Plated Rough Tough Style
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  • Model: ITS 63
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Chain  Set

  • Modern Style   Chain in  Gold Plated Version.
  • This Chain  is Free Style For Rough & Tough Look.
  • Suited for Any occasion / Suitable for all Festival / Special occasion / Kitty Party 
  • If You Want to be Charming/ Glow the Charm on Face Value
  • Wearing For young Girls / Lady / Women
  • This Chain have High Quality Plating for Long Lasting Finish.
  • Buy The Original Product Beware of Duplicate Products

After the Discount if you want To save your shipping charge You are suggested to make every order of Minimum Rs.500/- of Mix Category Products and to make it easy so many economical products are also available in every category. 


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